Founder of the first Kosher certification agency that provides high-quality Kosher conformity assessment to food establishments in U.A.E. the Emirates Agency for Kosher Certification (EAKC). Rabbi Levi Duchman has accomplished much for Jewish life to flourish in his more than six years as its only resident rabbi in U.A.E. A distinguished entrepreneur who found the first Kosher restaurant, the first Kosher database in UAE, established in 2018 and pioneered the first locally- produced kosher poultry to UAE, that is compliant to the highest standards of Kosher Dietary laws, under EAKC Supervision.

Raised in New York, Rabbi Duchman received extensive training for the rabbinate in the Rabbinical College of America and Yeshivah Lubavitch in Manchester, UK. Developing a fascination with Arabic language and cultures, he learned to speak, read and write Arabic. In 2015, Rabbi Duchman moved to the UAE, where his open and welcoming demeanor, broad capabilities and tireless efforts –– as an educator, pastoral counselor, religious authority and administrator he has earned the respect and admiration of both UAE residents and visitors. In his years as a public figure organizing and promoting successful events, he has cultivated close working relationships with UAE government agencies and officials.


He currently serves as the Rabbi of the Jewish Community Center and Rabbi of Beit Tefilah synagogue in Abu Dhabi, since 2020. Rabbi Levi (as his congregants affectionately refer to him) has been an important figure in expanding and integrating the network of the Jews in diaspora, by providing visionary and spiritual leadership to the Jewish Community in the region. He is a co-founder and executive member of ARIS (the Alliance of Rabbis in Islamic Countries). An inspiring leader, with over 10 years involvement in the Jewish Community life in M.E.N.A, (Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and Morocco), while focusing on educational activities and social service initiatives. 


Rabbi Levi Duchman  serves as the GCC representative for the internationally acclaimed Aleph Institute and founded the Talmud Torah GCC network by providing social services, emotional, educational, family support and spiritual assistance to institutionalized Jews in GCC. He has worked closely with world leading Kosher organizations such as Orthodox Union, Ok Kosher Labs, to mention but a few. Combines exceptional world-class experience and expertise to ensure Kosher Conformity is not compromised.


As a Kosher implementation expert, he has provided authoritative Kosher supervision and certification at numerous events in major hotels around the U.AE, as well as for local manufacturers. EAKC founder and Executive Director Rabbi Levi Duchman, is proud to offer world-class Kosher certification from a locally responsible organization.