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Our Vision

Our vision is to promote kosher certification of the highest standards while offering our clients the best possible experience, and to work in partnership with leading international certification companies to further expand the availability of kosher food in the region.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote an awareness and understanding of kosher requirements and to enable manufacturers and food establishments (hotels, restaurants, retail establishments, and caterers) to obtain kosher certification.

Our Values

  • Transparency

  • Food safety

  • Impartiality

  • Integrity

  • Adherence to Jewish law (Halacha)

  • Religious tolerance and commitment to diversity

The EAKC Trademark

The EAKC trademark, or symbol, indicates that the product or establishment has undergone the rigorous process and is now under the supervision of the EAKC.

Usage of this trademark is strictly limited to EAKC clients. Unauthorized or misleading use of the symbol will result in corrective and possibly legal action.

Our Personnel

EAKC was founded by Rabbi Levi Duchman, spiritual leader of the Jewish Community Center in Dubai and Beit Tefilah synagogue in Abu Dhabi, who has served as the only resident rabbi in UAE. since 2015. In UAE, he established the first kosher restaurant, first kosher database, and first locally-produced kosher poultry operation. 

Raised in New York, Rabbi Duchman received extensive training for the rabbinate in the United States and England. Developing a fascination with Arabic language and cultures, he became fluent in Arabic. He is a co-founder and executive member of ARIS (the Alliance of Rabbis in Islamic Countries). 


Rabbi Duchman has worked closely with the world’s leading kosher organizations such as the Orthodox Union and OK Kosher Labs. He has earned the respect and admiration of both UAE residents and visitors and has cultivated close working relationships with UAE government agencies and officials.


Like Rabbi Duchman, the full-time and part-time Rabbinic Coordinators employed by EAKC are ordained rabbis who underwent years of training in the kosher laws along with in-depth study of all aspects of Jewish law, including Sabbath observance and other areas relevant to the kosher certification process.


What Can Be Certified by EAKC?

The EAKC can certify a wide range of products as well as establishments that produce and/or serve food. Products range from poultry, meat, and dairy, to juice, baked goods, snacks, and many other packaged foods. Establishments can include hotels, restaurants, slaughterhouses, caterers, bakeries, take-out shops, cruise lines, airlines, and more.

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