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Benefits of Kosher Certification

Obtaining kosher certification is a wise investment for your company. It will boost your market share, not only among kosher consumers, but also among the general public. Evidence points to the fact that consumers of all backgrounds and religions frequently choose products with a kosher certification over those without, associating the kosher certified items as having a higher standard of safety and quality.


As our region increasingly becomes a business and tourism destination for kosher consumers from around the world, kosher certification is particularly valuable.

What Is Kosher?

The word Kosher, which is Hebrew for “fit,” refers to the Jewish dietary laws written in the Five Books of Moses (the Bible) and expounded upon in more detail by later commentaries. This complex and detailed set of laws defines the foods that are kosher - fit for consumption - for Jewish people. 


The laws include the types of food, as well the requirements for how, when, and by whom the foods are manufactured, prepared, combined, and served. Among the most well known of the kosher laws are the requirement to separate dairy and meat and the prohibition of consumption of certain animals and seafood, such as pig or shellfish.

What is Kosher Certification?

Kosher certification attests that a highly qualified person or agency with expertise in the kosher laws has supervised the food and/or the establishment throughout the entire process of the food preparation, from its original state until it reaches the consumer, ensuring that all aspects, from ingredients to food preparation, strictly comply with the kosher laws. 

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